The House of Liechtenstein

The Liechtenstein dynasty, from which the principality takes its name, is the family which reigns by constitutional, hereditary right over the nation of Liechtenstein. Only dynastic members of the House of Liechtenstein are eligible to inherit the throne, and the dynasty’s membership, rights and responsibilities are defined by a law of the family, which is enforced by the reigning Prince and may be altered by vote among the family’s dynastys, but which may not be altered by the Government or Parliament of Liechtenstein.

Lordship of Vaduz and Schellenberg

1699 – 1712        John Adam I (Prince of Liechtenstein 1684; bought the

lordships   of Schellenberg 1699, and Vaduz 1712)

1712 – 1718        Joseph Wenceslas (nephew of Anthony Florian; abdicated)

John Adam I

Principality of Liechtenstein

1718 – 1721        Anthony Florian (second cousin of John Adam; principality

formed from union of Vaduz and Shellenberg 1719)

1721 – 1732       Joseph John (son)

1732 – 1748       John Charles (son)

1748 – 1772       Joseph Wenceslas (again)

1772 – 1781       Francis Joseph I (nephew)

1781 – 1805       Aloysius I (son)

1805 – 1836       John I (brother; sovereign prince of Liechtenstein 1806)

John I

1836 – 1858       Aloysius II (son)

1858 – 1929       John II, the Good (son)

1929 – 1938       Francis I (brother)

1938 – 1989       Francis Joseph II (fourth in descent from John I)

1989 –                  John Adam II (son; regent 1984-9)


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